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I can help you if...

Your home is disorganized and you are frustrated, stressed and tired of it.

You are planning to place your home on the market and you want it to sell quickly. 


You want to downsize your belongings in your current home or for a future smaller one.

You are a senior and you need additional help to create a safe, accessible home for yourself.

You love your home but want to use what you have and add a few touches to enhance it even more.

You belong to a group that needs a speaker to share my expertise in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

You Are Ready for a CHANGE!

 Women Equipping Women

 Private Event

 Sat., March 2, 9AM-1PM

 Sewell, NJ

Organizing for Seniors

Sat., March 23, 1PM-2:30

Avalon Public Library

Avalon, NJ

Organizing Tips


Winter is a great time to finally begin your organizing projects!

If you are NEW to organizing, start small with a drawer, a small closet or a kitchen cabinet.  

1.  Declutter it while keeping only what you need, use, want and enjoy.

2.  Sort like things together-it helps to make decisions easier

3.  Evaluate what is left.  Are they in the right spot?  What might make it easier to find each item when you look for them? 

4. Purchase what you need.

5.  Install them

Have more EXPERIENCE organizing?

Since we are indoors more this season, this is the BEST time to start sorting paper or photos.  This takes time and paper can be somewhat boring and photos can be somewhat emotional.

Papers- start with things that you know are trash and toss.

Sort in major categories

Photos- start with what is more current.  Print those in bulk if desired.

Categorize in a photo safe box.

I have openings in Feb/Mar right now!  Stay warm..


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