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I can help you if...


Your home is disorganized and you are frustrated, stressed and tired of it.

You are planning to place your home on the market and you want it to sell quickly. 


You want to downsize your belongings in your current home or for a future smaller one.

You love your home but want to use what you have and add a few touches to enhance it even more.

You belong to a group that needs a speaker to share my expertise in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

You Are Ready for a CHANGE!

NEW Services Added !



VIRTUAL Organizing has been added to help you Organize and Stage your home! 


We can do a Consultation for both and dependent on the project, we can do your sessions Virtually now too!  Great way to get started on a project!  Best via FaceTime or Zoom.  

Virtual Classes

Tip of the Month....

Winter, 2022

To date, winter in the Northeast has been cold and snowy.  Being in the house can really feel "close" if there is too much clutter. Here are some simple tips for getting started to organize:

1.  Start small.  A drawer, a category (i.e. just shoes) or a closet.

2.  Put "like things together"-this helps you make decisions.

3.  Keep, give, toss what you do not need.

4. Once area purged, ask yourself, "will this ever work for me?  Do I need to move it to another area? What do I need to store it properly?

5.  Shop for supplies.

6.  Make sure it's working for YOU.

7.  Keep putting things back where you organized them.

8.  Move on to another area.

Just keep moving in the direction you want to go.  If you need help, it's ok to ask for it.  In my 14th year, and I still count the joys of watching someone finally be organized!