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I can help you if...

Your home is disorganized and you are frustrated, stressed and tired of it.

You are planning to place your home on the market and you want it to sell quickly. 


You want to downsize your belongings in your current home or for a future smaller one.

You are a senior and you need additional help to create a safe, accessible home for yourself.

You love your home but want to use what you have and add a few touches to enhance it even more.

You belong to a group that needs a speaker to share my expertise in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

You Are Ready for a CHANGE!

 Look for classes        beginning              Spring, 2023

Tip of the Month


7 Things to do right now that could protect you from scams

                                                                                Excerpt from AARP, 2022     A Nofziger/M. Fetterhoff

1.  Clean your wallet.

Prune to the bare essentials.  Move out extra credit/debit cards, Medicare, Soc Sec. cards.  These put identity at risk.

2.  Update the contacts in your phone.

Go to Settings and turn on "silence unknown callers" for iPhones or "block numbers" on Android.

3. Add phone login protections.

Make sure you have a passcode, facial ID or finger scan enabled on your device.

4.  Review your credit report.

Visit  Check line by line to ensure no errors.

5.  Add two-factor authentication to your on-line accounts.  

6.  Refresh your Facebook security.

Go to Settings & Privacy and complete the Privacy Checkup.  

7.  AARP Fraud specialists phone #

877-908-3360, and it's FREE.

These only take a few minutes for safety!


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