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Clutter can cost you more that you know…time, money and stress being the most common.  I have found that there are a lot of really nice people who just need guidance, ideas and training on how to become a more organized person.  Sometimes you just never got the hang of it or a life experience created a greater need and things just “got away” from you.  There are many reasons, and no matter the amount of clutter, you have found it is just too much for you.

Home Staging - Home Redesign


 Home Staging is simply designing and decorating your home in a way that prospective buyers see themselves wanting to live there. It creates a living space that reflects its true potential and adds details that make it bigger, brighter, warmer and most of all, more appealing to all that tour through it. Whether your sale is in a month, or a year from now, preparing and staging your home makes the whole selling process easier, faster and less stressful!



Classes can be customized to the audience.
Fees vary on the type of class, time allotment and distance.

Some Topics Include:​

     - Home Organization Course

     - Organization 101
     - Organizing HIS Way

     - Downsizing Your Home

     - Home Staging

     - Home Redesign

     - Organizing Paper & the Home Office

     - Organizing for Seniors

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