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You are a God send!  Truly amazing!  I appreciate everything you've done.  Her (my daughter's) room looks fantastic, more

importantly she is proud of it...You have a talent!!  She adores you!  And, you came in under budget!! Thank you!  S.B.

Thank you so much for all your help in getting me more organized, and in helping to make my home beautiful.                                                

- Susan C.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom, kindness and very hard work with me..  I could never  have gotten to where I am today without

you!  I love my home and looking forward to being here now!                                              

- Megan D.

The room is huge and now it looks huge!  I walk in my house now and I feel relaxed.                                                                

- Adrienne I.


Being a cluttered person, I’ve been judged all my life. Nancy never ever made me feel uncomfortable. There’s never any judgment from her. 

THANK YOU for helping me make my office never look like it did  again!!!!!!!  You started in my office in January--It is May and it still looks good. 

I think there are definitely new habits in my house and we are continuing to work on them. You’ve changed my life!                                                                      

- Tricia C



I wanted to put you to the test. I’ve been in my home for 20 years, and what we did in three hours boggled my mind!   You organized my

cabinet ‘trouble spot’ in less time than it took me to get a glass of water!”                                                       

- Barbara S.

As a senior, my home needed to be organized so that I was better able to access things without any risks of falling.  Through Organized for Life!, I was able to have my closets and kitchen decluttered and organized in a way that I now have all the items I need at my fingertips.                                         

- Dot J.


Would you believe my garage now brings me happiness?  Nancy is reasonable, efficient and easy to work with…Thank you Organized for life!                 

- Virginia D.

It's difficult to explain how I feel about my basement - it's a cross between a miracle and an out-of-body experience.  All I know is that I no longer have that feeling of suffocation when I go down there & I truly, truly, truly, could not have done it without you!

Barbara S.

Thanks for all your help. As I expected, you had a lot of ideas for better organizing and storing things!

- Linda H.

Dear Nancy,

When my brother Jim told me we were hiring a person to "stage" my father's house to get it ready to sell, I was skeptical.  I thought I had a good enough eye for what we needed to do.  But once we got there and saw the daunting job ahead of us, I couldn't have been more thrilled to see you walk through the door! I was so out of my league when it came to preparing the house to sell. And we only had a work to get it done.

Your expertise, keen eye, and quiet confidence soon won us all over. The fact that you could "see through" all the clutter we'd created in our efforts to close my father's home, and have the vision to make it all work, was truly amazing!  On top of that, we'd given you a modest budget and a very tight timeline to make it all happen. 

Not only did you pull it all together with polished expertise, you added a special kindness for a grieving family, and you made the house look truly beautiful in a short amount of time! We are grateful for your special talent and your professional approach.Your delightful personality was an added bonus.

When Jim, Kevin, Mary Ellen, Douglas, and I walked out that Saturday night, we were thrilled with the transformation that had taken place is such a short amount of time. My dad's little house looked like a show home.  We all wanted to live there!

The best news is in less than a month we received an offer which is very close to the asking price. That wouldn't have happened with out your great eye for details, your strict guidance (we had our marching orders!) and  your wonderful talent.

Even though I could probably find a person in your line of work in my area, when we are ready to sell our house in PA I will definitely ask you to come here to help us get ready.  You have my total confidence.

On behalf of my brothers and myself, thank you. Keep up the great work!

Beth Malloy Stephey
Chambersburg, PA


Dear Nancy:

My house is POUNDS lighter!!  I'm "furloughed" from my job every other Friday (that's the bad news), but the good news is that EVERY day off I do another project.........lots of "real estate" in this house;  and I wasn't a hoarder to begin with!! It's absolutely husband's afraid to stand still for fear of ending up in a "Goodwill" bag or in a Rubbermaid!!  I don't like my pay check, but LOVE organizing my house!

Thank you – I continue each day to put into work what I was taught in your class – I recommended you and the class to all the ladies of my church – Thanks again, Jackie


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