I can help you if...


Your home is disorganized and you are frustrated, stressed and tired of it.

You are planning to place your home on the market and you want it to sell quickly. 


You want to downsize your belongings in your current home or for a future smaller one.

You love your home but want to use what you have and add a few touches to enhance it even more.

You belong to a group that needs a speaker to share my expertise in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

You Are Ready for a CHANGE!

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ALL  venues are being converted to Virtual format at least through Winter/Spring, 2021.

Also, classes will be forming on my Facebook page, organizedforlifellc.  Check back for updates!

Tip of the Month....

Holiday Decorating

Even though 2020 holiday events may be a little different, now more than ever it is nice to create a beautiful setting for yourself, your family, or those that are able to come into your home.

For myself, I created a completely different palate for my home.  Lots of bright, multicolored lights, colorful & festive pillows and cheerful decorations.  Our Lionel train collection is now on the fireplace mantel with white motion lights underneath. 

As you look through your decorations, donate those that you no longer enjoy.  It always warms my heart to see others thrill to buy "gently used" items that now make new memories for their family.

Keep safe & healthy my friends and be the JOY that is so needed this holiday.

 All the best to you & yours,


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