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Home Organization

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​Initial Assessment/Consultation:

This allows us time to meet each other, evaluate the space, set our goals, list any supplies and set up your first organization session.

($75/hr)  Can be completed In-person or Virtually.   (Usually completed in about an hour)

Organization sessions:
$75-$90/hr with each session a minimum of four (4) hours. (Virtual minimum of 1.5 hrs)  During these sessions we will work together to declutter, organize and set up new systems.  We work together to decide the best schedule to enable your project to finish quickly.

Maintenance sessions:

Follow-up consultations to keep you organized and evaluate any new challenges.




Scroll Down for Before and After Photos

Before - Office

Before - Bedroom Closet

After - Office

After - Bedroom Closet

Before - Kitchen Pantry

After - Kitchen Pantry

Before - Basement

After - Basement

Before - Craft Closet

After - Craft Closet

Before - Child's Closet

After - Child's Closet

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